About Us

Attatunes is dedicated to supporting art and fostering the connection between discerning fan and emerging artist.

To this end, Attatunes.com provides the environment for unsigned artists to establish an online presence in a dedicated web community with ready access to a receptive public seeking original, unique and unpasteurized art in all its forms.

Through Attatunes, Artists can sell their works directly to these fans as digital downloads and reap 100% of net proceeds (i.e. gross less a PayPal transaction fee). No portion of the sale goes to Attatunes nor any other corporate entity.

Both fans and artists will enjoy honest interactions and share real-time updates about events, gigs, exhibits, projects underway, imminent or complete, as well as any other inspiration that tickles their collective fancy.

Starting with a music hub, Attatunes will be launching new categories over the next few months to include eBook authors, filmmakers, digital photographers, app developers, game makers and more.

Stay tuned!